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$All prices are negotiable$

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Platinum Package
One Package Deal

  • 1 Interactive Disc Jockey
  • Emcee
  • $150 value disco lights(DJ choice)
  • Full Sound System*optional
  • Full Light System* included
  • Full Music Library
  • Up to (5 1/2) Continuous Hours of Music
  • Karaoke*
  • Maximum Power - 1500

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Gold Package
Basic Package

  • 1 Interactive Disc Jockey/ Emcee
  • Basic Lighting included $50 value
  • Basic Sound System*
  • Music Library to Fit the Event
  • Up to (5) Continuous Hours of Music
  • Add more Speakers*
  • Maximum Power - 800

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Silver Package
Economy Package
  • 1 Interactive Disc Jockey
  • Small Lighting included $25 value
  • Small Sound System*
  • Music Library to Fit the Event
  • Up to (4 1/2) Continuous Hours of Music
  • 1 Additional Hour add $75.00*
  • Maximum Power -700 

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* Bronze Package

Economical Package

  • 1 Interactive Disc Jockey
  • Small Sound System
  • Small Libary
  • Play Time is 3 to 4hr
  • Add Ons Still Apply*


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* Karaoke Package

  • 1 KJ Karaoke DJ
  • Basic Sound System #2
  • Karaoke Library to Fit the Event
  • Up to (3) Continuous Hours of Music
  • Small Light System
  • One Additional Hour $75.00*
  • Discount if you add the Karaoke DJ to the other packages.


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Titanium Package
video package
  • 1 Interactive disc jockey/emcee
  • Light system (DJ choice)
  • Sound system (DJ choice)
  • Full music Library
  • music video/Big screen
  • Up to (6) continuous hour of videos
  • Projector and screen included
  • maximum power

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  • * Add on extra  (add on are not included in the packages) Some add on are only included at the owner expense (If need it) Prices are set at a hourly rate.
  • Full Sound System — $100
  • Basic Sound System—$50
  • Full Lighting System — $150__$15_each disco light dj choice can be used in other packages
  • black lights__$30
  • Basic Lighting — $50_with disco ball 8''or 20'' and rainbowball 12'' your choice (tip) better on a higher ceiling
  • Small Lighting — $25
  • Add Karaoke — $100
  • Bubble Blower — $15
  • Fog machine___$15
  • Projector___$100 w/screen__$150 (size) standard 65" to a widesceen 80"___NO POWER POINT
  • Transportation Fee — Prices Vary
  • Travel Time to Event — Prices Vary
  • Set Up Fee — No Charge
    At customer request (set up fee $50) If we are late $50 is returned example (setup 7:00 playtime 8:00)
  • Additional Hour — $75.00
  • Max of 2 Additional Hours
  • GOBO Projector - $50
  • (VJ) video disc jockey___$200.00
    (use your own tv or monitor to reduce price)
  • Small Group Set Up__Call For Pricing
    For a small venue including: DJ set, lights, and up to 5 mics, setup.
  • PHOTO BOOTH___call for our lowest price
  • PA system__for (Ceremonies & Small event)__$100 w/ lapel,headband and mic__$150 
  • Extra mics__ lapel,headband and microphone__$50
  • up lighting__$15 each (lights)
  • Free Table DJ Facade after you spend $300 or more
  • Generator__  Great for outdoors events__ $75
  • 2 moving heads $100
  • 4 moving heads $200
  • GLOW STICKS $35 for 50
  • laying fog $75... Dancing on the cloud... $100

Call For Details

CREATE YOUR OWN PACKAGES                                                          SAMPLE
      (starting bid)                                                                     your price_150.00_________
    150.00  your price and then add the add on                         sound system__50.00_______
Starting hours are    2 hrs.                                                     ligthing_0.00____
your price______________                                                   karaoke_0.00____
sound system___________                                                   additional hour_0.00_____
ligthing_________________                                                  prices that vary_0.00________
karaoke_________________                                                YOUR TOTAL____200.00____2 hr. playing time pending on your total
additional hour $75.00 (2) hrs. max
owner may have additional price on prices that vary________??
your total here _________

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A retainer fee of half is due before every event. 
In the event of customer cancellation
and if paid in full, only the deposit not refundable.
Contact us in Houston, Texas, for Professional Entertainment and Music from Our DJ Services.
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